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[GOFF] Atavus Rugby Techniques Helping Football Tackle Effectiveness

SEATTLE, June 28, 2016 - Atavus Football, a Seattle-based sports education and technology company, launches the Atavus Tackle System™ aimed at changing the way tackling is taught, practiced and executed. The system, built by coaches with decades of collective experience in rugby and football, uses custom drill progressions and practice and game film analysis to improve tacklers’ confidence and instincts. The rugby-inspired system emphasizes both effectiveness and safety.

At launch the System includes: The Atavus Online Training Program™ – an online curriculum that teaches coaches, parents, athletes and administrators about and how to execute a proper shoulder-led tackle. Atavus Practice Film Assessment™ – an online program that converts defensive tackle drill film into performance enhancing reports for coaches and players alike. Atavus Game Film Analysis™ – an online program that analyzes game film of every tackle made to provide player and position specific analytics, scoring and recommendations for improvement.

The Atavus Tackle System enters the market when national attention on player safety is at an all-time high and youth participation is declining. Despite regulations limiting contact during practices, significant advances in technology and investment by teams in better equipment, safety concerns remain paramount as the average athlete faces 1,500 collisions per year.

The Atavus Tackle System aims to allay these concerns while also addressing coaches' needs for maximum effectiveness. Focusing on pre-contact decision-making, the proprietary curriculum focuses on altering the strike zone to the hips and thighs and using shoulder leverage combined with proper footwork to maximize both power and control. The System’s instructional emphasis is for tacklers to keep the head out of every tackle.

"For the betterment of the sport we love, we believe every coach, parent, player and administrator at every level of the game should be asking themselves whether their coaches are adequately trained to teach rugby-inspired tackling," said Ron Lloyd, President of Atavus. "Currently, that's an unequivocal 'no'. We've built a robust system to change that and foresee the day soon when parents, athletes and athletic directors will mandate their coaches be Atavus Tackle Trained™."

Early adopters of the Atavus Tackle System include the University of Washington Huskies, the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers, the Ohio State Buckeyes, the Rutgers Scarlet Knights and several leading high school programs in Washington, Texas and Kentucky. After implementing the system, Ohio State's defense rose from the 24th spot to the 2nd ranked defense in the nation last season. The University of Washington rose from the 48th spot to number 12 nationally, and number 1 in the Pac-12 Conference.

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