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[Puget Sounds Business Journal] Seattle-based Atavus Football ready to tackle youth and high school team markets

As football is increasingly scrutinized over safety concerns, particularly around concussions, Seattle-based Atavus Football is working to get its new technology-based tackling program on the front lines of high school and youth teams around the country. Later this month, Atavus is headed to the heart of football country to introduce its new Atavus Tackle System during the Texas High School Coaches Association's annual convention, which is the largest high school coaches clinic in the country, Atavus President Ron Lloyd said.

"We believe getting high school coaches on board will ensure the youth programs that feed into the high school teams will follow," he said.

The tackle system uses an online curriculum as a way to change how tackling is taught, practiced and executed with the ultimate hope of teaching more effective and safer rugby-inspired tackling. The system teaches custom drill progressions, practice and game film analysis to train coaches how to teach the rugby-inspired, shoulder-led tackle, which is thought to be safer because it keeps the head from getting the brunt of the contact.

"An average player, regardless of age, has about 1,500 impacts each football season," Lloyd said. "When you put that all together that is a lot of contact."

Atavus has experienced a five-year compound annual growth rate of 100 percent. With the roll out of its new training program, and more than 700,000 coaches in the U.S., Atavus projects "rapid revenue growth." When looking at the number of bodies playing football, Lloyd said the numbers are not in the National Football League, which only has 32 teams, and isn't even in the college teams, where there are hundreds.

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