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[TIAR] Q&A With Greg McWilliams From Atavus

Earlier this month it was announced that Yale coach and former Ireland women assistant Greg McWilliams has joined the staff of Atavus. To get more on his role with the organization we sat down and chatted with McWilliams to get his insights.

TIAR: What attracted you to joining the Atavus staff?

Greg McWilliams: I first started with Atavus last April in Florida, working with Emilie Bydwell and USA Eagle Phil Theil, at a weekend camp. I was immediately impressed by the professionalism of the company and the set up of the camp. I was attracted by the idea of traveling to many different parts of the country, meeting and learning from coaches and players. Having the chance to assist in providing a great experience for all who came into contact with the sport was appealing. Since then I have worked at a number of camps during the summer months, while Yale were in their off season. Last August we sat down in Seattle and since then I have been working with the coaching staff, designing a curriculum that we will deliver to the players and coaches at our camps and coaching courses. There are some excellent young coaches working with Atavus, who are very focused on developing core coaching skills, effective planning, improving their system documentation, and in doing so, developing clearer communication pathways. I have learned a great deal from them to be honest.


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