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[Krossover] The Lost Art of The Tackle

Tackling is a lost art. Actually, I take that back and offer an amendment: Teaching tackling is a lost art. People make a whole host of assumptions about what it takes to bring a ball carrier to the ground. Let me assure you:

  1. It is markedly harder than it appears
  2. Much of the hard work is done before contact is even made
  3. There are very few who tackle effectively and efficiently on a consistent basis

At all levels of football, tackling has become a point of emphasis. The media has zeroed in on the rise of concussions due to hits to the head and the long-term effects of CTE, while the NCAA and others have focused more on lower leg injuries resulting from low tackles. In response, rules have been altered and innovators have entered the market to design better helmets, sensor-enabled mouth guards, and other equipment.

Here at Atavus, while we applaud rule changes and technological innovation, we strongly believe that the true path to more effective and responsible tackling lies further upstream in proper tackle technique and in better tackle training. Behavior modification is the most effective and permanent solution if the goal is effective tackling and risk minimization.


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